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Cannatabs are sublingual cannabis concentrates for MMJ patients Honey oil is pure, organic, CO2 extracted cannabis oil OpenVAPE


Organa Labs utilizes CO2 extraction. This method - also known as Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) is considered to be the purest method of plant extraction available today and is the only method approved by the Soil Association as being acceptable for organic products.


Dosage is crucial to any medicine and Organa Labs makes it possible to get accurate dosing information with infused products. Every batch is tested seperately so that patients can get the right dose every time.


It is important to capture all cannabinoids to get the full effect of medicinal cannabis extracts and infused products. Our products are formulated to strike a balance between cannabinoids to give patients the relief they need from their symptoms.
All OrganaLabs products are produced by each licensee in accordance with state law.
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