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Introducing: CannaTabs

CannaTabs are made by infusing sugar with our organic Honey Oil. These small pills are delivered sublingually and contain 20 to 25 mg of active cannabinoids per tablet. This gives you the ability and peace of mind to convienently, discreetly and accurately dose medical cannabis throughout the day to help manage your symptoms.

The Benefit of Sublingual delivery vs Oral:

In our research at OrganaLabs, we've discovered that a sublingual tablet is much more effective than an oral caplet. The reason for this is that when you ingest cannabinoids orally, you will only absorb 10-20% of the cannabinoids, and the rest will be eliminated from your system. By administering your treatment sublingually, the cannabinoids will be absorbed straight into your bloodstream, utilizing your full dosage.

Sublingual delivery is so effective, in fact that 20 to 25 mg is a perfect dose for almost all patients, even heavy smokers.

Patient Testimonials:

Within the first week of our CannaTabs release, we have had several patients give glowing reviews to the product. The potency and effectiveness of these tiny tablets made quite an impression on medical patients all across Denver. Here is what they had to say:

"Greetings to the cannabis community! My name is Amy and I am an industry professional, cannabis connoisseur and sales director at a local dispensary. OrganaLabs has literally had a transformative effect on my life! Their 10mg CannaTabs completely knock out my severe uterine pain and cramping from my monthly moon cycle. Usually I am curled up in the fetal position, completely unable to function due to sharp, stabbing pain and the nausea that accompanies it. But now, I have the freedom to do whatever I desire. I used to rely on a prescription to synthetic lab produced pain killers to remedy the pain, and now I rely on Organa Lab's Canna Tabs, The natural prescription!" -A. D.

"CannaTabs are amazing pills. It's better than taking pain medication or narcotics. After getting out of the hospital, I've had trouble sleeping, so I went to Evergreen Apothecary and I bought some Canna Tabs. I had a great night's sleep that I have not had in months with Canna Tabs. The next day I woke up refreshed to start my day." -K.S.

Have your own CannaTabs story from yourself or your patient? Send it to [email protected].