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Pure. Balanced. Consistent.

Cannabis infused products produced with the highest quality standards.

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Organa Labs

About Organa LabsAbout Organa Labs

Organa Labs was created out of necessity for pure, balanced, and consistent cannabis infused products produced with the highest quality standards. Organa Labs extracts oil organically using a supercritical CO2 extractor. All of our products are tested by an independent lab to ensure clean, potent and pure cannabis oil with a full-spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes present.

Extraction, Refinement & Distillation

Started in 2010, Organa Labs is the longest operating, licensed marijuana infused products manufacturer. Pioneers in leveraging an organic, industry-leading method of super-critical CO2 extraction. Organa Labs continues to lead the way in their cutting-edge refining and distillation techniques, bringing consumers the cannabis products with unsurpassed purity, efficacy, and safety.

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Organa Labs certified oil is infused into a variety of products & brands that meet an array of consumption method needs.

Organa Labs Inside

Health & Education

Creating industry-leading cannabis products is only part of the Organa Labs mission. By sharing our expertise with clarity and transparency, we can empower users to make informed decisions regarding our products and cannabis use overall. Whether by explaining the benefits of alternative delivery systems or providing guidelines on responsible dosing, Organa Labs is committed to helping consumers use cannabis products in a way that maximizes safety, efficiency and enjoyment.

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Another area that is very confusing is dosing. What is considered a good dose? That depends on how you are getting that dose into your body. There are several ways you can enjoy the benefits of cannabis:


The original and most popular consumption method. Flower must undergo heat until it combusts, producing smoke. It can then be inhaled through joints, blunts, pipes, bongs, etc.


Vaping cannabis oil has the highest efficacy of any consumption method. It allows for up to 95% efficiency, provides users with a consistent dose, easier on the lungs, and free of smoke & smell.


Topicals can be found as lotions, balms, oils & tinctures. They are applied directly to skin absorbing through pores. Attaching to CB2 receptors the results are generally therapeutic rather than psychoactive.


Edibles can be found in the form of almost any food: cookies, candies, snacks etc. During digestion the small intestine & liver convert Δ9 to Δ11 THC. This produces a longer lasting, more psychoactive high.


Can be found in a variety of forms including hash oil, budder, shatter, wax and distillates. They can contain as much as 90%+ THC and beneficial for those requiring strong or instant relief.

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