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Our Story

A passion for innovation, a dedication to healthcare and just the right touch of entrepreneurial intuition: for Organa Labs, the formula to success practically wrote itself.

The Organa Labs story began in 2009, when CEO and founder Ralph Morgan became fascinated with an industry that was, at the time, still in its infancy: cannabis. To Morgan, whose background included medical device sales and working as an EMT, cannabis seemed like the perfect entrepreneurial storm.

“Cannabis was controversial for all the right reasons, part of a market that was ready to explore a natural alternative to synthetic drugs,” says Morgan. “It was a moment in history that I wanted to be a part of.”

Thus, Organa Labs was born. After an early incarnation as a medical retailer, the company soon recognized the profound health benefits of alternative delivery systems, and shifted its focus to discovering new solutions for a growing, unmet demand.

The solution manifested itself in the form of cannabis oil. First to market with a proprietary method of supercritical CO2 extraction, Organa Labs was able to create a highly-refined, lab-grade product that set industry standards for efficiency, consistency and purity. The Organa Labs team spent much of its early years educating retail shops and end-users on the merits of CO2 extracted oil and oil-infused products. Cannabis oil, followed by sublingual tablets known as CannaTabs, were the first products offered.

Today, Organa Labs operates the largest and longest-standing cannabis extraction site in the country. Born in Colorado, the company is now licensed in over 10 states and Jamaica, offering safe, consistent and reliably-measured cannabis oil in every active territory. Organa Labs oil serves as the driving ingredient behind cannabis products from companies like Bakked, Magic Buzz and O.penVAPE, the last of which Morgan co-founded in 2012.

Organa Labs is proud of its history as a cannabis industry pioneer, and excited about the future of its rapidly-growing field. “It’s What’s Inside That Counts,” says Morgan. “It’s not just our motto, it’s what we live by. It’s not work, it’s a movement we’re all part of.”