For Medical Marijuana Centers:

We know you want to offer a product that is high quality, appealing and most importantly: beneficial to your patients. We at Organa Labs understand how difficult it can be to find treatments that are effective and specific to your patients' needs. That's why we invite you to try a sample of our oil before you commit to carrying our product. Please request a sample using the form provided or simply email us at [email protected]. Chances are, you already carry top quality infused products made with our oil!

For Medical Infused Product Companies:

As an Infused Product company, your number one goal is to provide effective treatments unique to patient specifications. Organa Labs can help. Many popular products already use our CO2 extracted oils, because they know that not only or our oils potent, but more importantly they are balanced to utilize all cannabinoids rather than simply utilizing THC. For more information on how you can infuse your products with pure, organic oil and help manage the dosing of your products, please contact us at [email protected]